Are Your Passwords Strong enough?

No one can be successful online if they aren't safe!

Does your pasword look like this? JohnDoe

Sorry! Then you aren't safe!

It should look like this! y8%!9z$r7x5tVW

Do you belong to those who have the same password to all the web sites where you log in? Congratulations! If one of your web sites is cracked, they have access to all.

The fact is, You need to have a separate password to all the web sites you log in to, in order to have acceptable security. If you are an online marketer and have your own web sites and blogs, where you log in to your cpanels or admin panels, you have a very valuable infrastructure to secure. It can be worth thousands of dollars. Even a Facebook or Twitter account may be worth thousands of dollars.

As you can see, in order to be safe your passwords should be so complicated so that's impossible to remember them. That is even more the case since you should have a different password for every web site you log in to. How is that possible you may think?

There is one answer to this: RoboForm!

We have used RoboForm over three years and it would be impossible to go back to handle all our passwords manually. By using RoboForm you have one master password that you need to know. All the others are kept strongly encrypted together with other site information such as site name and site link in a database. When you want to log in to a site, you select the site name from a menu RoboForm has created with all site names you use, and RoboForm loads the information on a pass-card, RoboForm uses to log you in automatically to the site. If you need to change any of the site information, RoboForm load it in the appropriate pass-card where you can edit it.

RoboForm can make your life a lot easier wen you are filling in forms, since it can store your information strongly encrypted in the data base, for use to automatically fill in complexed forms for you width only one click.

You also have other information like bank account information and other critical information you will keep strongly encrypted in a safe way. RoboForm will do that for you using secure notes.

You can get many different versions of RoboForm and you can download one FREE and try it for 30 days.

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